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Thalidomide kitty

I brought home Kanga today. She was scheduled for euthanasia at the shelter, because she has radial hypoplasia. A definite handicap, but I think she deserves a chance, right? And really, I needed a ninth cat.

Oh, and she's blind in one eye. She's extra-special!

Part of her condition means that she has extra toes on her hind feet. So she's got these gigantic hind feet, and these warped little t-rex front legs ... she looks like a black & white kangaroo, hence the name.

My brother and I went to see Christopher Titus at the Brea Improv last night. Funny shit ... I haven't laughed so hard in months. My poor brother ... he managed to run over his own leg out at Glamis last week, so he's on crutches. I'd forgotten what a pain it is to get around on those things, and I feel sorry for everyone who put up with my slow self when I was on them.

What else, what else. More of the usual ... had a barbeque this afternoon with some friends of Charles', it was fun. they kept feeding me drinks, and i'm always okay with that. Working all the time ... today was my only day off and one day isn't nearly enough time. It's all good, though - I'm going to vegas for two days at the end of the month.

My leg tattoo is at the peely stage and it is hell not to pick at it. I'm a picker.

I'm constantly harassing Charles to do one of the many tattoos I want - either my left arm maneke neko cat half sleeve, or my dad's race numbers that I want on my wrist, or the lip tattoo I want. I like when he tattoos me, he knows my skin.

Anyone want one of my normal, healthy kittens? Mr. Frisbee needs a home, my neighbor moved and left him here (knowing that I'm such a softie that I couldn't leave him outside to die). Asshole. Anyway, he's beautiful, and would come neutered/vacinated/chipped etc.

Don't make me start posting pics.
Tags: animals, fun, tattoo

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