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whores and triforce

I did the socially responsible thing this morning, and took my neighborhood whore cat in to the shelter to get spayed. I've been trying to catch her for months but she never seems to be around at the right time, or I don't have a way to confine her. This morning she was in my yard when I let Flea out, and I had a cat carrier ready to go. The techs at the spay/neuter clinic were awesome and squeezed her in at the end of the day.

As adorable as kittens are, I'll be glad to have no more of them born in my yard.

New kitten's name has been changed from Kanga to Zelda. *cue zelda music*

The boy is being moody tonight ... I'm hiding. life is stressful enough.

what to look forward to? vegas, baby, vegas. I've got the keys to a luxe condo and four days off. i needs it.

stephinextremis - congrats!!!
Tags: animals, friends, love, vacation

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