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Hey, guess what? another cat up for adoption

So I get this cat - mama cat, or "HoBag" spayed. I mention this earlier. I also mentioned that she's been staring at me through the back door ever since.

Tonight, I let her in the house. HoBag, it turns out, has had a change of heart from her stray-cat ways, and simply wants love! And by "wants love", I mean wants to sit on my lap, purr, and live inside the house.

Well, I had to tell her tonight, "you will not be cat number ten. No way, no how." As much as Stripeyhead likes having his mama in the house, I am beyond full up on cats. However, seeing as how she is spayed and microchipped and vaccinated likes being inside so much, I thought maybe, just maybe, someone I know might be interested in a turn-key kitty.

I'm sure one of you has room to spare for a sweet dilute tortie, who was a very good mama before i put an end to that business. She looks to be about three years old, and is nice and fat and healthy. I don't know where she came from, she just showed up last spring to drop a litter of kittens in my yard. People move in and out of here all the time, and I suspect she was left behind.

You want to see her, you say?

That's all i have of her. She really is a cutie, my light sucks in here at night. If anyone is interested I can get some better pics during the day.

The rest of these are just to satisfy my feline exhibitionism.

Dizzy loves the Zelda. All the cats do, actually. She's really mellow.

Typical night at mi casa with the kittens ...

and the big cats.

This isn't so life-or-death as some of the cats I've had that need homes. She's lived outside for a long time and I'm sure she'd be ok outside a little longer. But she's a nice cat, and I'd much rather see her go to a good home than stay out on the street.
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