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head asplode

Home sick today, with a devastatingly throbbing headache. Was to be my last Sunday on before the schedule changes to weekdays, and I was almost looking forward to it. But no ... so I stay home and try to be productive, doing laundry with my right eye closed, I need to vacuum but the thought of the noise is letting my floors remain dirty.

All the cat hair in here is making me sneeze, however ... it's this catch 22. I turn on the vacuum, the noise will make my head hurt. But if i don't vacuum and do something about this fur, the sneezing will continue to make my head hurt.

Decisions make my head hurt.

Charles put me on his new bike yesterday. The think is so powerful, it's just beautiful. I only went a short bit on the bike, from the grocery to home, but that was enough to get a feel of what that bike can do. I'm jealous, my sporty just feels inadequate now! His bike fights to do wheelies, and I doubt I could get the front end of mine off the ground without an engine hoist.

He tells me I look good on it.

Now that we both have running bikes, I'm really looking forward to going riding with him more often. I ride, all the time, by myself, and there really hasn't been anyone to learn from once I got out on the road. Just a little sprint around the neighborhood was a great time last night.
Tags: domesticity, fun, love, motorcycle

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