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long day

Animal control to take Anza man's animals to stop unauthorized rescue groups

Man charged with animal cruelty in horse decapitation

Guess who got to stay at work until 10pm to examine, microchip, and vaccinate all of these jacked up dogs?

*points thumbs at self*

This girl.

Fun times, fun times. Luckily I had plenty of warning and had all the supplies I needed ready to go. On the other hand, it would have been nice if they showed up before 8pm - really, before 6pm - so that there would have been other techs there to help.

It went amazingly smoothly, but that made for a very long day.

Apparently the rest of the animals are coming when we get them back from the rescue groups that took them off the property.

Charles is still at the tattoo shop, long day for him too. we'll sleep well.
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