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vanity time ...

got time to kill before school ... survey! Though I am wondering what happened to questions 5-10.

1. Name: Kasey
2. age: 22
3. location: Moreno Valley, or Orange County, or my car.
4. love interest: *giggle* *blush* dreammadeflesh

11. what do you think happens after death: worms
12. do you welcome death: i hope i will when the time is right
13. did someone close to you die: yup.

14. do you believe in the ideals of beauty, truth, freedom and love: when I'm not feeling so cynical. Lately I've been more optimistic.
15. are you one of the children of the revolution: did i miss a revolution? damn, i sleep through everything.
16. do you believe in true love: i hate to agree to this. To quote mcBee - "love is a chemical reaction in your head that makes you want to be nice to people that you want to fuck."
17. are you in love: i'd have to answer yes to this one.
18. have you ever been in love: did you read the previous???

19. who do you hate currently: I don't waste that much mental energy on people i don't like.
20. who hates u right now: i don't know.
21. describe to the best of your ability the word hate: a big waste of energy ... disliking one so much that vast amounts of mental power are devoted to that dislike.

*Material items*
22. favorite item: Like stephanie said (Stuffanie?) stuff is just stuff. but if i were to have to grab one thing out of my burning house, it would probably be my photo albums. or maybe my computer.
23. what kind of car u want: an early '90's Eclipse would be nummy.
24. do u like money? no, i burn it in stacks in my back yard. Of course I like it, that's why i work.
25. are u a materialistic person: probably to an extent, but i think i know what is really important.

26. have you ever had sex: oh yeah.
27. how many times: heh ... i stopped counting so long ago
28. did u enjoy it: i usually do. there have been very few times in which i didn't.
29. how many partners have you had? like I'm going to answer that question here. I'll go with "some"
30. ever had a one niter? can't deny it.
31. do u remember your first time? yup. i still have the underwear i was wearing ... well, i was wearing shortly before ... yes, i'm a sentimental girlie about some things ...
32. have you ever had sex in a public place: semi-public. no witnesses.
33. are you homosexual, heterosexual, or bi-sexual: I'm sexual. I like sex with people. I don't discriminate by gender.
34. do u believe in casual sex? is this like believing in santa claus or the tooth fairy? I believe it exists, yes. It has its purpose.
35. had sex with an ex? guilty.

36. do you believe in god: can't say that i do.
37. do you believe in magic: not really.
38. are you druidic: no
39. do you find answers in nature: i have yet to find answers anywhere ... but I'm not really looking.
40. do you believe in spectrals: nope.

*Health habits*
41. do you bathe daily: at least. more if i have time.
42. do you smoke: grr ... i am addicted.
43. do drugs: nope. squeaky clean, there.
44. drink: like a fish, sometimes.
45. do you exercise? on occasion.
46 brush teeth like ur supposed to: yup.
47. share needles: no ... in fact, i used to give my cleans away to keep my friends from sharing ... to the point where my roomies called my apartment "tustin needle exchange"
48. eat healthy: i should but i really don't.
49. r u stressed most of the time: seems like it.

50. how many times have you been in a committed relationship? 6 serious relationships ...
51. ever broken someone's heart? i wish i could say i hadn't ... but i can't make everyone happy
52. ever cheated in a relationship? I'm going to say no. there are those who would disagree, but it's a matter of technicalities and intentions.
53. looking for Mr./Ms. right or just looking? was i supposed to be looking?
54. ever let someone get away and regretted it? there was one ... it would have worked out well, we would have been good together, but it was always a matter of bad timing ... and there was the one that got away but came back ...
55. how many kids do u want? I want more dogs, and that's about it.

These surveys ... i swear, written by seventh graders ...

went to a veterinary seminar last night ... learned how to diagnose Cushing's disease and interpret urine culture and sensitivities ... not all that useful in emergency practice, but i feel smarter ... and it was free dinner and i got some reference info. so well worth it.

I went into work early to help out tiffanie, as jamie hasn't shown up in the last two days and Tiff has been working by herself until one,and then having to be at her other job at six am. So i went in at 11 so she could get home. Not a lot of excitement, didn't see anything on the graveyard shift except a HBC possum. Michael came by and kept me company for a while, and that was the highlight of my evening.

seriously, it makes my night go so much better when he comes by to see me ... dammit, i'm getting all girly again.

weird weather that makes me uneasy ... so stuffy and humid and i want a thunderstorm ... it's so hot in this house, and I'm so cheap and won't turn the air on if i'm here by myself ...

tonight, school ... then I'm going to clean my house, really ... and relax and get some reading done ...

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