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waiting ...

House is ready, I need to pick something out to wear and paint my nails ... waiting for people to show up ... setting up music ... getting anxious.

Heather is going to show up, so I'm happy. She's bringing the boys ... they always make things interesting. Gotta love 'em, though.

I saw my dad race today, and they ran well, so I was all happy and excited ... and I got to work on the car, which they never let me do, or think i want to do, but I love to help. Anyway, they were short one person, and my mom was helping tear down the engine, and not looking too happy about it, so she asked me to do what she was doing. And I really had fun ... some guy took my picture, while I was working on the car ... Interesting to see if that gets printed anywhere. Of course my mom has to tell the guy, "she doesn't really work on the car." I mean, let me feel like part of the family for just ... one ... moment. Please.

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