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no small project

Why is doing my hair an all afternoon project? Or maybe the question should be, why do I expend so much time and energy on my hair?

I kinda wanted to go out before work, but i don't think that's gonna happen. I just put the dye on, and that has to sit for like an hour, and then I have to condition it or it will break into little bitty fragments of hair and frizz all over the place. My mom helped me with the bleaching of the roots thinking that I was going to leave them blonde. I don't know why the hell she would think that, she's odd. She tried to convince me after I rinsed the bleach out that it looked good red with yellow roots. I looked in the mirror, decided I looked like a sunrise and dyed it.

I had all this stuff I wanted to write yesterday, while I was out ... i though about getting a notebook out of the car and writing it all down, but I didn't and now I'm regretting it, because most of it is gone ...

I'm so hoping for a raging thunderstorm, lightning and bruise clouds and thunder and water rushing by ... I want to be at the river for one of those storms, with the flash floods and the distinctive smell of rained-upon desert ... i really want to go out there again soon ... maybe after school lets out ...

work tonight, at central, so it shouldn't be too bad ... my friend that got hired over there is supposed to stop by tonight so i can show him the procedures of the place ... then i usually have company about three am or so ...

I'm going home after work in the morning ... home to sleep and then I've got plans for tomorrow night.

Oh, my car passed 100,000 miles the other day, in Riverside, on the 91 freeway of course. I wanted to have some sort of celebration for it, throw a cake at it or something.

speaking of cake, i know a few people who are going to be at the cake/devo show on tuesday ... jamie is going, my friend ryan is going ... someone else, but i can't remember ... so hopefully i'll run into them there. I almost want Ryan to meet Michael because it will make me laugh, because Ryan hates everyone I date. It's a matter of policy.

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