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loss of patience

I have little tolerance for people in general lately ... i was thinking it was a bad thing, but i'm not so sure now ...

i started to notice that there are less and less people i can stand to have a conversation with ... and noticing that certain people don't seem to like me and i could care less ... unusual in that I always get stuck in this "making everbody happy" trip.

I don't have to like everyone. Everyone doesn't have to like me.

Fuck it, I don't like everyone. I have the power to choose who i will let be involved in my life. I only have so much time and one existence ... why spend any of it with those who would drag me down, waste my time.

People have been dropping off my list ... and i only noticed after it happenes, usually ... and i realize i'm better off without them in most cases ...

this is rather rambling ... i'm sorry ... i'm just trying to make sense of a change in my brain that I just figured out happened ...

maybe it's just a mood. but it's a new one. and i think it's a good one, for me.

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