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two dogs today

This is my favorite dog in the shelter. He has a terrible home crop job, so his ears are a little off. But he doesn't know he's funny looking, he's just a goofy happy pit bull. He's been at the shelter since May.

He was euthanized today. Long story made short, he finally got kennel crazy. After being attacked several times by several dogs without even defending himself, he finally engaged in a fight with another dog. For this crime, he was no longer considered "adoptable".

No rescues would take him, because he is a pit bull.

I cannot take him, I live in a condo. If i had a yard, he could have come home with me.

So I asked the euthanasia team to hold off for a few hours. On my lunch break, I opicked up a couple $0.99 hamburgers at the nearby greasy spoon. We went for a walk, had some off-leash play in my work area, and I fed him the hamburgers. I had nothing else to offer.

He was a very cool dog.

This dog came in today. She was scared. She walked into my room with her tail tucked and with worried eyes. I wasn't in a rush today, I took my time. She warmed up to me. For whatever reason, I sat down on the ground next to her. She climbed into my lap and licked my face. He eyes brightened and her tail wagged. My friend Mary took this picture.

She still has a chance.
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