kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 07:55:34: This house is so weird to stay in. Like a museum or something. Makes me be super neat guest. <kasey>
  • 08:55:20: On our wy to the track! Be nice to be next to a race car again. <kasey>
  • 11:20:50: Feels nice to get my hands dirty! Sadly, now my phone is dirty too. oops. <kasey>
  • 14:31:40: I almost forgot how much of racing involves waiting. Taking lots of pics, we'll see if i get anything good. <kasey>
  • 16:07:01: Some nice runs in testing so far. Not for us, though. We havent warmed it up yet. <kasey>
  • 16:53:47: Just discovered that i remember how to pack parachutes. Kinda. Well, better than anyone else on this team right now. <kasey>
  • 18:54:18: @catrvt Different shapes, so i dont think so. The chutes i learned on were just a little different than todays, made it tricky. <kasey>
  • 21:27:02: @EhStrawberry I'll put them up on my facebook when i get home. At a drag race at infineon in sonoma. <kasey>
  • 21:30:58: @EhStrawberry yeah my brother and i are helping an alcohol funny car this weekend. He's doing most of the helping, really. <kasey>

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