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bliss ...

a most wonderful day, in so many ways ...

tired, so a summary ...

woke up two hours later than planned. typical, for me.
got ready, went to michael's, hung out for a few moments then went to the fair.
Saw sheep, goats, horses, swine, and a cow.
Ate battered potatoes from an Austrailian battered potato shelter.
Found a brand of inscence oil i have been looking for since the last time i went to the fair, i think it was four years ago.
Ran into Jamie and Kelly.
Saw Cake.
Text messaged Tyler about how great Cake was.
Found Ryan and his friends, sat with them.
Saw Devo. (absolutely incredible)
Called Tyler and let him listen to a few moments of "Whip It".
left fair, went to Little Knight to buy michael a "congratulations, you got your classes" martini.
Went to my moms house for a while.
Took Michael home, and we talked history and necrophilia and music.
And drove home, and here i am.

If i could even explain the feelings, the mood, the high i am on ... but I can't ... i wouldn't know where to start ...

this has just been one of the most wonderful days ... nothing in particular, but all of it combined ... even coming home to find that Goyle has learned to open the refrigerator couln't spoil it (though i think it did spoil some of the contents, dammit).

to really have fun with someone is such a nifty thing ...

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