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I fucked up ...

So apparently I was supposed to be working last night ... i agreed last month to do the shift ... i forgot ...

i want to write myself up for this ...

tiffanie stayed and worked a double ... if she had called me I would have come in ... actually, at the time I was supposed to come in i was on the 55 right near work, making jokes about stooping by work to say hello ...

fuck fuck fuck. this is the kind of irresponsibility i get on everyone else about. I feel terrible.

And I was supposed to have a midterm today ... i get there and see a guy from my class walking through the parking lot, away from school ... he stops me as I'm pulling in ... class is canceled, midterm is now on monday.

so there goes my reason for coming home last night, studying this afternoon ... I would have stayed in OC last night if I didn't have this test today ...

things are still good, just a few bad things today ...

off to meet up with Michael for dinner, then I don't have responsibilities tonight (i double checked).

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