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Catty Bitches

SO we're getting back together again tonight ... probably to sit around a table at TC, and gossip about everyone that walks up ... just like old times. well, not so old. Just like a few months ago.

Time is flying ... I can't believe it's almost August, this year is more than half over ... the days go by like nothing now. I dreamed last night it was my birthday, and I didn't notice until 2200, when someone pointed it out to me ... one of many strange dreams ... in another, i was in a McDonalds (ugh) watching two guys with guitars do bad covers of violent femmes songs ... and then traveling down the 5 in a motorhome with a bunch of my friends, and falling into a muddy puddle and wrestling around with someone in it ... my dreams are odd and vivid.

I have to go buy fishnets today, to go with my uber-trashy short-pleated-plaid-skirt and cleavage top i got yesterday. i wish i had my garters here, but i left that at home. ah well, plenty of time to dress trashy. i love the store i get my fishnets at, $2 for fishnets, and lots of super cheap jewelry.

I'm thinking I should go home tonight, but we'll see how the night goes ... i really should go home, though. sleep there at least one night. And then back here for work tomorrow, and I won't get another chance to go home until Tuesday after the staff meeting.

Ohhh ... and it has been strongly suggested to me that I change my hair for the staff meeting, since the manager and a doctor from the board are going to be there. So I'm thinking some sort of a deep "natural" red ... or i could do blonde or black ... any opinions?

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