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two strangers

Encountered two strangers tonight, while hanging around Q Club/TC/3DO with my usual late night group. two completely different people ...

stranger A: drunk in front of Q Club. Like not making sense to himself drunk. tries to talk to me, I enlist Jeremy as protection when he tries to get me to come over to him. He reaches out a hand to me, and I tell him that I don't touch people. Jeremy backs me up on this, telling the guy I don't like to touch anyone. and I think i have him fended off ... until I'm standing with Andy, Kelly, and Michael talking motorcycle and stranger wraps his hand around my arm.

you know how i feel about being touched. It's not allowed, except by people i'm completely comfortable with. I know it's a little neurotic of me, but it's my thing. And I know I can be hypersensitive regarding personal space, but this was a creepy drunk stranger holding my arm.

So I say something to the effect of "don't touch me". and he lets go, or i pull away. Memory starts to get fuzzy about here, because it's at this point that I begin to get very, very angry.

So i have stated two times to this guy that I do not wish to have any physical contact from him. So what does he do? Of course ... he touches me. Runs his hand down my back. I turn around and say to him "Touch me one more time and I will put out my cigarette on your eyeball."

I really wish he tried one more time. I would have loved to do some damage to that motherfucker. But he wandered off. And I calmed down, eventually.

Stranger B was a much more pleasant experience. I will admit, I was quite standoffish at first, due to the aforementioned incident. Anyway, we've wandered away from Q Club, and are standing behind my mom's truck talking. Kid rolls up on a bicycle. Starts talking to us, and goes into this story of this fucked couple of days he's been having. I'm ready to dismiss it as typical hard luck story ... until he gets to the part about the 7-11.

He had just come from there, and was describing an incident in which a drunk guy had tried to start a fight with him ... and we all catch the point ... the guy had left us and went over to 7-11 and tried to pick a fight with this guy. SO I can relate to this kid a little better. Turns out his name is Brad and he was older than he looks, and a traveler. I like the people that travel, it's something i wish i could do, or should have done when I had the chance.

I had to run after a while, but i would have loved to hear where he had been and why, and what he was doing in OC.

Got the dents pulled out of my car ... Rick will be getting a bill for the cost of his dent. While getting the car worked on, I looked at the tires and decided that my car will be going no further on those tires than my tire place in Anaheim, and took my mom's truck for now. So I'm driving this pimpmobile for the week.

It was fun hanging out tonight with my friends ... Steph, Marge, Norm, Josie, Donnie, Larry (who got me playing charades), Brittany, Justin McBee, Andy, Kelly, Michael, and I'm sure I've forgotten others. But it really was nice ...

and right now, I'm dying my hair "Burmese Ruby". We'll see how this turns out.

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