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deep fried tofu?

So i was thinking earlier ... Jay and Aronda's wedding was Wednesday. I missed this wedding because I had a midterm that day. And I drove up to school from OC that day, and found when I got there that class was canceled. Which irritated me. and now, that I'm realizing that I missed the wedding for a test that didn't happen, it's really irritating me.

In a few minutes, I'm off to riverside again ... to go take the test, take care of my animals, and then come back down here for a shift tonight. Oh joy ... the commute wears on me. I hope my mom's car has the Fasttrak thing in it, but i think they took it with them ...

As much as I hate fasttrak, i'm not above using it when it's paid for by someone else.

Tried out a Thai place last night, mostly because they delivered and I was in no mood to go out (that would have required effort) and it was quite good. I ordered the deep-fried tofu appetizer, just because it's the unhealthiest preparation of tofu i could imagine. And you know what? It was good ...

Spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing and it was quite pleasant. I didn't get the chance to go swimming ... i stuck one foot in and the water was icy ... damn broken heater, shaded pool.

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