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Stuff I'd like to get rid of ....

I'm gonna post this here before the rest of my pages ... anyway ...

I'm cleaning out the house so that I don't end up on "Hoarders". Some of this stuff I'd rather give away or sell than toss.

Free stuff:
Cordless phone w/ answering maching (from the very brief time I had a landline)
Box of twenty red taper candles
Two six-pack soft bottle holders
Various novelty ice cube trays ... for some reason I've got more of these then room in my freezer

Spendy stuff:
X-Box w/ Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Soul Caliber II, and Rainbox Six. I want $25 for this.
Crushed velvet lace-up vest, burgundy, size medium - $10.

Anybody wants any of this, local people we can meet up, OC people I'll be there a few days this week, anybody out of area we can talk about shipping.

Sorry for the no pics, camera is down. Anybody really wants to see something, we'll see what can be done w/ my cell phone cam.
Tags: domesticity

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