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so my tires were supposed to be changed today ... but i went down to Anaslime (traffic and sun, all the way) and they weren't able to get me in today, and oh, didn't so-and-so call you to let you know? so i go tomorrow. assuming i get up in time. And i drive back to garbage grove (traffic and sun, again) and i am here now, waiting for it to be time to go to work. Maybe I should be doing something productive, like cleaning my car or something.

after work, i go home, feed kitties and birdie, and try and get to bed early enough to get up in the morning tomorrow to go back to anaslime to get my tires done. Actually, I'll have to come here first, to get my car, since I can't drive it home as bad as the tires are. ooooh, joy.

i get paid today ... yay, since i have $13 left in my bank account, and a slight bit o' cash. maybe enough for dinner.

i think my project for work this week is this: find out what little jobs everyone has (X does the drug logs, X does inventory and computers, etc) and how exactly they do them. people have this idea thing where they think that if no one else knows how to do their job, then they have security ... i intend to destroy that idea. It causes problems, like when Tiff was in the hospital for a week and Christie and I had to figure out really quick how to do the charts.

Maybe they are right in feeling threatened by me. I do intend to take over.

My dad is in the hospital in Sonoma ... my mom called me and told me that, and at first i panicked, thing something had happened with the race car ... but it's not so bad. Apparently he's having a flare up of some GI chronic problem ... my mom started to describe the symptoms to me and i asked her to please spare me the details, as it sounded icky. So I'm all worried about him, but he's up in Sonoma and there's nothing I can do, and it sounds like it will be okay anyway. I offered to go up there, but my mom told me not to, there's nothing i can do seeing as how it's not animal medicine. I said if i could do nothing else, i'm good at arguing with doctors.

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