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pre-dawn catfood shopping

I didn't intend to close my evening by standing in front of Vons at 4:50 am, waiting for it to open at 5 so I could buy catfood for my mom's cat. But that's how it worked out.

It just felt a little surreal ...

to be tired, to be done with my night, walking under bright lights in my black dress, high heels and fishnets, looking for the catfood section ... dealing with perky early-morning people that are starting their saturday before my friday is done. I used to trip on that driving home from graveyards ... i still do sometimes ... the people i sit in morning traffic with, they are just starting a new day, while i am ending the previous one ... makes me think a little bit. not much, just a little bit.

so before my pre-dawn grocery store adventure, i had a pleasant evening ... lets see, where to start ...

left the house much later than planned ... didn't wake up until 3, so needless to say my tires did not get done today (bad kasey). Back to my mom's, took care of the animals here, and then went to see dreammadeflesh at work ... it was insane busy in there, so i said hi then bye and went over to TC, because Andy (clockworkbadger) was performing tonight. And he did, and it was quite entertaining, especially the computer song bit which i've never heard before. Saw people there - Steph, Norm, Christine, Tyler (looking ill, unfortuantely), Shawn, others ... and Christine grabbed my breasts. I got Andy's whole performance on video, too. Some of Andy's friends were there ... strange creatures. Michael showed up after work, and we ended up going with Andy to his friend Brian's apartment for many hours of video game fun.

State of Emergency is so brutal ... but my god, what we all would do if equipped with a flamethrower in a mall around christmastime ...

stayed till threeish ... hung out with michael for a while, and then remembered on the way to my mom's that Louis was out of food ... so to the Von's.

hellish weekend coming up ... no rest until Tuesday night. And someone else has to work Tuesday ... and that makes me sad. work Saturday grave (9-9), sleep a little then Sunday swing (5-1) and then i have to get up Monday morning and get my tires done, then drive home, maybe a nap, school 6-9, then work monday grave (1-8).

at least i have a plan.

My dad checked himself out of the hospital, against medical advice. Worries me, a bit. A lot. But he's going to do what he's going to do, really. Not much I can do.

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