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i hate myself for doing this

Is popularity a social disease?

*quite possibly ... the standard "popular" thing, i think is ...

Would you want to be a hippie?

*No. I can't stand the smell of Patuoli.

In college, were you ever given exams with extremely broad and deep questions such as, 'Why?' or 'What is truth?'

*not as of yet.

Have you knowingly destroyed an endangered plant or animal?


Did your parents bronze your first pair of baby shoes?

*Not that i know of. but my mom's such a pack rat, it wouldn't surprise me if she still had them.

Do you check for a train when crossing tracks in your car even though the arms aren't down?

*If i'm in a careful sort of mood.

Is there gossip going around about you right now?

*Probably. My co-workers think I'm part of a conspiracy against them, and I don't know what's being said outside of work. bad stuff, i'm sure.

How many comic strips do you read daily: 5 or more, or less than 5?

*less than 5 ... i don't have time, usually.

If you were hiding from a burglar, would you hide in the closet or under the bed?

*closet. with machete.

What do you most commonly use milk for: drinking or cooking?

*cereal only.

Who should provide the condoms in a relationship: the man or the woman?

*whoever has them ... it doesn't matter ... both people should be responsible ...

Are you ever afraid that people hate you and they're just acting like they don't?


When you're crossing the street with other people, do you ever feel a need to get to the other side first?


Should people be able to go to college without a high school diploma if they score high enough on entrance tests?

*Sure. not everyone goes the traditional route.

Would you be embarrassed if people could hear you talking to your pets?

*Nope. people hear it all the time.

If elephants were bred to a smaller size and sold as house pets, would you want one?

*no. i'd still rather have a goat.

Do you refer to people as 'dude'?

*on occasion, when feeling very casual.

Do you remember the last time you wrote a 'snail mail' letter?

*ages ago ... i wrote a note this afternoon, though.

Do you think beards/mustaches make men look older than they actually are?

*Depends on the man.

Are you usually the one to initiate sex with your significant other?

*it varies ... and it's also no one's business ...

When you're having trouble burping when you feel like you need to, does patting yourself on the chest seem to help?


Do you have your wallet with you right now?

*in the purse which is always with me

If it ever came down to a final battle between good and evil and you knew that evil was going to win, who would you fight for?

*easy enough. evil. but i have my own philosophies on that ...

Do you feel guilty when you borrow money from your parents?


Which do you prefer: a knife and fork or a spork?

*knife and fork.

Do you constantly have times where you have no money and then earn a lot of money and you don't know what to do with it?

*no. when i have money, i know what to do with it.

Do you always see yourself as the protagonist in the story of your life?

*yeah ... it's my life.

Can you drive by a car accident without staring?

*probably not.

Do you find it a challenge to congratulate your opponent who just beat you in a game or competition?

*not really.

Do you think that no matter how cold or heartless someone seems there is always at least one thing in the world that they love?

*not necessarily.

Who is worse: Someone who doesn't repay a loan or someone that steals your CDs?

*money is like water ... i'd be more pissed about the cd's ...

Why do you think so many homosexual men still go without condoms: because they don't know of the dangers, or because they don't care?

*probably because they don't care. the dangers are well known.

When you think about morality, do you think more in terms of good/bad people, or good/bad actions?

*good/bad actions.

Are you scared of dying alone?


Are you most comfortable being treated by a doctor of the same sex as you?

*it has to be.

Do you take daily walks?


Are there some slang terms you refuse to use?


Do you have a favorite pen that you use all the time?


Have you ever changed an adult's diaper?

*Nope. I don't think I could.

Do you think it's dangerous or a good thing when two very depressed people start to date each other?

*if depressed people couldn't date none of my friends would ever get together. it's not a bad thing on its own.

Do you know a game that is very stupid, yet very addicting?

*Worms! and Tetris! and D-X Ball!

Do you plan on having your children Christened/Baptised?

*no chilren! no religion!

Would regularly seeing videos of you interacting with people significantly improve your overall human effectiveness?

*No. i know how awkward i am.

Have you ever misspelled 'misspell'?

*I doubt it.

Have you ever stayed up for more than 24 hours to study for an exam?


Have you ever been in the back of a moving truck?

*Many times.

When you were young, did you know some pop stars were gay?


Do you have control over how much peace there is in your mind?

*I wish.

If you got a backstage pass at a concert, would you feel better than everyone else?

*No. I'd be happy. but there's no superiority in that.

Is your microwave any other color besides white?

*No. well, it has stickers.

Would you prefer a bagel or an entire breakfast in the morning?

*Breakfast. breakfast rules.

Do you think that couples that elope have a better chance of staying together?

*no, why would that matter?

Do you know of a frozen dinner that tastes good?

*yup. lots.

Will public restrooms no longer be separated by gender in the near future?

*I think they'll stay separate.

If you do not eat red meat but eat fish are you a vegetarian?

*Not at all. Fish are animals.

When you discard a piece of paper, which of the following are you more likely to do: rip it apart in pieces or crumple it?

*crumple it.

Do you wear your pants and shorts above or below your waist line?

*below. i tend to wear stuff around my hips.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a sex change operation?

*gotta wonder how it feels ...

Do you call margarine 'butter,' even though you know the difference?

*yup. and got groused at the other night for it.

Do you bathe less when you are depressed?

*No. I'm pretty compulsive about it regardless.

Should the ASPCA and RSPCA ban the practice of kidney transplants in cats, since cats can't give consent for the surgery?

*No. The way they go about it is quite ethical, i believe. I could go into a bit about it now, but i don't think i will ... if you really want to know, e-mail me or something ...

Would you ever drink from a bowl or cup made out of human bones?

*Pass up that opportunity? I think not!

Does your car normally smell good?

*It smells dingy.

Do you think 9/11 will be the worst thing you will see in your life?

*I doubt it.

Do you tend to do more research for school or papers at the library or on the internet?


Do you have an outfit you wear that makes you feel like a star?

*heh ... yep.

You are working at McDonald's frying meat. Your manager is being a jerk and you are ticked. A customer comes in and orders a 20-piece box of nuggets. Out of anger towards your manager, would you pack 20 or more, or 19 or less in that box?


Once you've made up your mind about the kind of person someone is, can anything they say or do change it?

*Yes. people change.

Is there a single person whose whole existence you might be interested in studying?

*No. there is so much more ...

Do you think that cuddling with a member of the opposite sex, with no intention of sexual relations, is cheating?

*No. It depends on the mindset ...

Which would you be willing to give up the internet for: world peace or immortality?

*Immortality would get tedious ... but that's hard to pass up, still ... i guess the smart answer would be world peace.

Are you a redneck?


Do you think by 2050 there will be flying cars?


Should politicians be allowed to have a private life?

*Of course.

Do you avoid going over to other people's houses because it makes you feel uncomfortable or out of place?

*yup. i've got some issues about that.

If someone you don't know too well puts you in the buddy list of his or her profile, would you be suspicious, or would it be OK that he or she did that?

*It would disturb me.

Do you have a trash can in every room of your home?


Who said "I love you" first: you, or your partner?

*none of your business ... but it's never me ...

Do you ever lay down and watch a movie, only to fall asleep in the very begining and wake up when the movie is over?

*i don't think so.

Do you say 'thank you' before leaving a store, even though you may not have purchased anything?


Would you approve if your significant other wanted to have a nude painting done?


If there were nine guilty people and one innocent, and they all had to be together, would you put them all in jail or set them all free?

*I'm leaning towards freedom ... but it depends on the crime.

Is your pet also your best friend?

*my only friends, sometimes.

When the toilet backs up, do you call someone to fix it or do you do it yourself?

*i guess i would fix it.

Have you ever recited a love poem to your significant other?


Would you rather be 'all head and no heart' or 'all heart and no head'?

*Probably all head and no heart. heart gets me in trouble.

Are your teeth discolored?

*yes ... damn cigarettes.

When you were a child, did you make or buy your Halloween costumes?

*We made them.

Have you ever seen a movie and liked it but upon further viewing come to like it a lot less?


If your father was a minister, would you want him to preside over your wedding ceremony?


Would you prefer to watch porn or a really good comedy?

*What, really good porn or average porn? I don't have enough informaton to answer this ...

How long did your longest phone conversation ever last more or less than 5 hours?

*i don't think i could ever talk that long.

Do you put your initials on everything you own?


Do you like or dislike people based on who else likes or dislikes them?


Do you have a friend who you hang out with only when there is nothing else to do?

*No. then i have chores and errands.

Which is harder: calculus or trigonometry?

*I'll let you know when i get to either.

Do you often find yourself correcting your parents?

*yes, i'm a grammar nazi. my dad got interviewed and used "good" when he should have used "well" ... i was embarrassed and berated him for it ...

If you could stop aging at a certain age, do you know what that age would be?

*24, maybe.

Do you more often eat off of real plates or paper plates?


Have you ever had tape over your mouth?


If you encountered someone you totally didn't know and he or she seemed to tell you the solutions to your uniquely specific problems without having been told what they were, would you be more thankful or freaked out?

*completely freaked.

Which day of the weekend is better: Saturday or Sunday?

*they both suck. but my weekend is my workweek.

Would you rather eat a raw egg or a scoop of raw hamburger?

*Ew... egg, if i had to.

Do shy kids tend to grow up to be freaks?

*I dunno. do they?

When you put on a shirt, do you button up or down?

*Um...up. halfway, anyway.

Do you scent your letters when you write to a special someone?

*write? like, on paper?

Is punk influenced more by music or attitude?


Did you ever start a thread that got at least 40 posts?

*once, i got 40.

Can you recall the ending of the last story you read?


Have you ever had your head stuck in an unusual place?


Do you have any weird or funny local slang?

*i have words i make up ...

When you come online, is there always one person you look for?

*nah. i spend more time hiding than looking.

Do lava lamps make you sick looking at them?


Will Hollywood ever run out of ideas for movies?

*didn't they?

Does P. Diddy telling everyone that he is the new Frank Sinatra make you want to roll your eyes?


Do you think the state of the global environment will be better or worse in 50 years?


Do you eat dinner in the dining room or in the living room?

*living room or my room.

Which Mike Judge cartoon do you prefer: Beavis and Butthead or King of the Hill?

*heh ... heh heh ... dumbass ...
i love beavis and Butthead ... and i have no explanation as to why ...

Have you ever fallen off your chair in public?

*yes. i am a klutz.

When sleeping, do you face the doorway or have your back to it?

*i guess i face it.

Do you find poetry that expresses pain and suffering to be more intriguing than other types?

*No. I find poetry that is not crappy to be the most intriguing.

Do you only pretend looks don't matter because you're ugly yourself?

*looks matter. why lie?

Do you find limericks to be funny and clever or annoying?

*annoying and cheap.

Do you think you'd be capable of representing yourself in court rather than hiring an attorney to do it for you?

*i wouldn't even try that experiment ...

When you flirt with someone, is it obvious or more subtle?

*i try to think i'm subtle ...

Which character do you think weighs more: Jabba the Hutt or Fat Bastard?

*Jabba the Hutt.

Do you think couples break up mainly because of differences they can't resolve or because they have found someone new?

*differences. i've never left anyone for anyone ... i don't really understand that.

Do you reread things that are written well?


What hurts more: getting poked in the eye or biting your tongue?

*probably getting poked in the eye.

Do you prefer merry-go-rounds or ferris wheels?

*ferris wheels.

Which do you prefer: original or flavored Tootsie Rolls?

*ew to both.

If you had three children, would you rather have two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy?

*one coathanger to solve all of the problems.

Is having a threesome basically approved cheating?

*I don't think so.

Is it a turn off to you if the woman has a deep, manly voice or if the man has a high, pre-pubescent voice?


Have you copied (or “ripped”) your entire CD collection onto your computer?

*most of it.

Do you have buns of steel?

*oh, no.

Did you use floaties on your arms when you were learning to swim?

*nope. i just swam.

Did your first ever snog involve French kissing?

*that is such an andy term ... and i'm pretty sure it did.

Do you know a person who is physically unattractive and yet a flirt?

*oh, yeah.

Are there a lot of programs on your computer that you don't know how to use?


Do you live in an uncomfortable environment, such as where you feel you cannot be yourself?


If you had discovered a body on the side of the road would you see if it was still alive?


Does punishing everyone for the actions of the few get us closer to utopia?


Can you finish an entire 2-liter bottle of soda by yourself in a single sitting?

*just about every night.

Have your parents ever forbidden you to play a certain type of music in their house?

*yes. if it annoyed them, which was all of it, i'd get yelled at to turn it off. and i'd ignore them.

Since you reached dating age, have you been single for more than three years?


When buying shampoo or soap, do you choose one because of what they put in it, or because you like the smell?

*I choose it for what it does for my hair.

Have you ever had writer's block?

*usually when a paper was due.

I'm really, really sorry. but there's nothing at work ... well, there's a duck ... and michael came by for a while ... but other than that, i'm bored ...

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