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New Orleans

In September, there's a veterinary conference in New Orleans, focusing exclusively on emergency/critical care ... my chosen specialty. I wanted to go to this one, but things have been so chaotic, I haven't been able to commit, nor have I been sure I'd be able to afford it. I really can't, but that's not the most important issue. The conference is scheduled for the first week of school, which is the biggest issue ...

Anyway, looking at my school plans, I may just be able to work this in ... The classes I want to take are Monday/Wednesday, and the way it works out I would only miss the second session of one class, assuming I fly out Wednesday.

So many plans and possibilities rolling through my tired brain ... I really want to go to this. Dr. Harris wants me to go with her, she's offered to share her hotel room with me, at no cost to me. That's a huge help. I think going to the conference will be extremely useful to me as a tech ... make me better at what I do.

This is feasible ... i can do this ... the more i think about it, the more it seems like an opportunity i shouldn't pass up.

The concerns are school, cost, and the longer-term cost of missing two shifts at Central ... I'm hoping since I work full-time hours there now (grr) that they would be willing to give me vacation days for it.

It's been a busy weekend, and I have a busy couple of days coming up ... worked until one last night, then met up with Michael after work ... chatted with him and Andy for a bit, and then Michael and I went to Harbor House for dinner. yummy mushroom omlette with spinach ... i like spinach. I saw an old friend there that I haven't seen in years (funny how I can run into people at the oddest times and places ... he lives in Brea, I live in Moreno Valley, and I find him at 3 am in Sunset Beach) and I was disappointed to find that he's turned from a sweet little peaceful kid into a total asshole ...

Got back to my mom's after 4, slept a bit, and woke up at 9 to go get my tires changed ... did that, and now i get to drive my own car again! yay! I missed my car ... I don't like driving my mom's truck, it's a gaswhore and just not my style. and now I'm home, back at my house for now. I should nap before school, I've got class tonight, a graveyard shift after that, and then a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. all sorts of fun.

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