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running on nothing at this point

want to sleep so bad ...

can't ...

more stuff to do, then I get a 3 hour nap ...

have to go see the girly doctor in an hour ... less than fun, but i'm overdue for my annual stuff, and I'm going to try to get her to place an IUD ... babyproof myself.

Maybe I'll be able to talk her into doing a tubal. but not at all likely ... they don't like doing tubals on 22 year olds. "you'll change your mind." I got that line from my mom again yesterday.

work ... busy ... seizuring dog on a valium drip ... had to watch it closely all night. at about 5 am, a coyote attack cat, x-rays and fluids and meds and everything else on that one ... not a lot of patients, but very labor intensive. Especially on the level of sleep deprivation I'm running at right now.

Hopefully a shower will wake me up a little. I just have to make it through three more hours and a pelvic exam.

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