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Ugh ...

Well, it's been a productive day ... exhausting, but i'm getting everything done. Not being here for almost two weeks has left me with all the chores to do. So that's what I started on tonight. Laundry is going, downstairs is clean ... cleaner, anyway ... dishes are put away ... clean clothes are folded and put away ... bathroom sorta cleaned ...

Dyed my hair tonight. My hair chick tells me not to use permanent dyes, because of the damage done. But if she wants me to dye my hair with this semi-permanent crap that fades out in a week, she can pay for it. So I used the permanent stuff tonight ... it came out well ... it's supposed to be "mahogany" ... kinda purple/red. i like it.

I got a decent amount of sleep this afternoon ... crashed out at Michael's for a couple hours after my doctor's appointment. Crashed hard ... usually I don't sleep well in beds that are not mine, but i hit pillow and went comatose, i think. got up in the afternoon, and inched my way home down the 91.

I'm still tired ... my body's sleep schedule is so screwed up, and I feel drugged. I think I could fall asleep now if I were to lie down, but there's so much more to do ...

Final tomorrow ... wish me luck ...

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