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Define "intolerant"

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So I just got a phone call from the doctor's office ... my insurance will cover 80% of the IUD placement if I am shown to be "intolerant" of birth control pills. So The girl in the office is going to talk to my doctor tomorrow to make sure my medical record is clear on that and call me back tomorrow.

I hope the record notes me yelling at my doctors that I will never ever put another hormone in my body. I think that's pretty clear.

I wish it wasn't a jump through hoops thing like this, though. It should just be another option, I think. I know it's a private insurance company, and they can set their own policies, but why is this an "only if" situation?

Tried to get Sunday off so I can go to Heather's barbecue ... no one will cover it. Figures. I've got one more person to try. Tiff won't do it, Jamie will be out of town, everyone else already works.

It's not a big deal, it's short notice and if i miss it i miss it. but i cover for everyone ... it would be nice if the favor was returned every now and then.

Got all afternoon to study and clean, then school, and then Michael is coming up here after he leaves work. :)

Ooohh! It's wednesday now ... i get to register for school today! yay! i think I'll do that first!

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