kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

Hi el jay.

It's been a bit.

Did you miss me much?

I have a new job now. My hand got jacked up by a feral cat at the shelter, and while I was off for ten weeks on disability, I realized that I can't handle killing animals, and one more kitten season at the shelter might be the end of me, mentally. I was passed the word about an opportunity at veterinary pet insurance, and I thought "what the hell? why not." and passed my resume in.

16 people applied. Three were accepted. I got in. I don't have to kill kittens anymore.

What I do now is process claims. I look at invoices and claim forms and code claims so that people can get some money back. It's an odd job. It doesn't hurt my back, it doesn't hurt my hand, and nothing bites me. I do have to get up really early in the morning - seven am start time, ninety minute commute.

In two months I am having a wedding. I am woefully underprepared, but it will happen and it will all be fun. we got our rings, and are wearing them already.

My bike is broken again. His bike is broken. We are sharing the car. Hopefully this is a short term issue.

Tags: love, motorcycle, pictures, work

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