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mostly about cats

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

It might just be the two extra shots of espresso in my coffee this morning, but I'm feeling motivated. Windows are open, Babyland on the stereo, and I think I have a little of the Spring Cleaning bug. It's not even 2pm, I'm still in yesterday's clothes and makeup, but I've already gotten a whole lot done today.

I bought a little packet of cat toys - nine or ten little fuzzy mice and jingly balls and such. I took a few out and scattered them around for the kitties. This is not good enough for Goyle. He does not want to play with one toy - he wants to play with the whole bag of toys, and he will go to any lengths to get at the little mesh bag of kitty toys. I had to hide it.

Petsmart had in their clearance section a "cat blanket". No explanation as to what makes it a cat blanket, but the price was right and I needed a little square blanket to protect the back of the couch. I can't figure out what it is (and no, it doesn't smell like catnip), but the cats are going crazy over this blankie, and all want to lay on it. I'm dying to know the secret.

I'm thinking about a Vonnegut tattoo, cliche as it may be ...
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