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No more words ...

Some things, there just aren't words for ... i could talk all day (like that would happen) and never, ever, be able to explain this feeling ...

Michael just left ... he's been up here since Wednesday night ... making the last two days quite wonderful ones ... i know how lucky i am ...

I went to work tonight and he hung out here until i came back, which was quite sweet. And we sit around, talk, cuddle, watch movies ... and it's an escape ... the rest of the world does not exist. no work ... no family ... no 91 freeway ... no stress.

Goddammit, I am so happy.

Okay, enough sappiness from me.

Michael helped me create a setup on Excel which will help me track exactly how much money is being lost due to missed charges and who's missing them. So now the people at work can hate me even more, for making them accountable. But the place is is losing money like water through a sieve, and missed charges are too huge a part of it to continue to ignore. Total inexcusable employee error.

All you people should be glad you don't work for me. I can be a little dictator. But is perfection too much to ask?

And while on the topic of work ... I was supposed to have Friday night off. Long story very short, that is not going to happen. I'm not angry about it, just annoyed. Another employee has decided she's going to take 8 shifts off over the rest of August, and too bad for the rest of us that no one is available to cover it. Because all the employees that are flexible enough to cover shifts are covering for the other girl that is taking most of the month off. I may end up working 14 hours Tuesday night completely by myself due to this. *snarl* Oh, and a girl that does one shift a week has put in her notice. *bash head into wall* I need to talk to Dr. Harris about putting an ad out, or asking people at day clinics to come in. This is not fucking cool, and if it isn't fixed by the time Christie and I start school, there is going to be quite a bit of a problem. Neither of us can keep up the hours we're working while we're in school.

Babyland monday night, Spaceland, midnightish ... I'm so there. gotta love the Babyland. Seriously ... any one free that night ... come check it out with me.

My computer keeps fucking up on me. Any of you computer-genius people want to come up here and make it better?

So I think I'm going to be in OC over the weekend, starting in 10 hours or so ... working ... i wanna go to the hookah bar on Wednesday with Marge, but i'm ... working. I didn't want to have to spend the weekend in OC (not that I don't love it, but it's a pain in the ass to move my life twice a week) but it's the schedule I'm stuck with for the moment.

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