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Better ...

This shift is flying by ... I've been here by myself (well, with a doctor. but no other techs) since 6 pm. We've been fairly busy ... two critical cases, bloodwork and fluids and everything. It's hard to handle by myself, but we got it all done. And it's been quite a day for odd animals, too ... so far, I've x-rayed a racoon, pulled a dart out of a dove, euthanized a seizuring guinea pig, and cleaned the wounds of a possum.

it gets interesting around here sometimes.

i miss hanging out. i read about everyone getting together, hanging out ... and i'm envious ... this is supposed to be my month between school sessions. I'm only supposed to be working three days a week, not seven. I want to go out and have fun.

I do get some fun in. Michael and I saw Babyland last night at spaceland. Quite good ... small venue inconveniences ... violent little pit ... michael and i both ended up somewhat injured, but it was all good ... what's a few bruises when it's so much fun.

Babyland was awesome as always. Talking to a guy who works days here, and is also a Babyland fan, he was saying that clubs aren't letting them do pyro anymore. Which is sad ... the sparks and fire were a great part of the show.

I'm trying to convince my little brother to start an LJ ... he's a really talented writer. I think it would be interesting. and it would help us stay in touch. Though I don't know that I want him reading my details ... not that i put the most personal stuff in here.

oh, and this heat ... it needs to go away now. i don't like sweating.

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