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pre-sleep venting.

work work work. all day long.

So I'm ten minutes late to work today, seeing as how i rolled out of bed at 4:45. Of course, the one time i'm late to work is the one time my manager is actually there (first time I've even seen the woman in months). Figures. All sorts of crazy busy at work.

After seeing Corona Del Mar the other night for the first time, and seeing the huge houses out there, i am even more disgusted when people from that area refuse treatment for their animals. Coyote attack came in tonight, torn up face and shock, maybe a jaw fracture, lots of swelling. All these mercedes-driving fucks would authorize was a shot of antibiotics. Scumbags.

After work, met up with Michael at 3DO. Watched him shoot things for a while, and talked to my friend Chris, who I was quite surprised to see, as he was in boot camp as far as i knew. Turns out he got pneumonia before even getting to boot and got a medical discharge. Which kinda sucks for him, he was all happy about going into the military. but he can re-enlist after some time.
Anyway, he had a funny little bit of news for me. My ex, Zach, last i heard from him, had joined up to the Army and left for boot in July, and I hadn't heard from him since. According to Chris, he's now locked up in a psych ward.
He doesn't know the details of what happened. I'm very curious to know. I mean, I didn't have high expectations of Zach doing all that well with military life, but that's even a little more than I expected.

Talked to Holly for a while and learned way too much information about things I never, ever, wanted to know anything about. Pedro or Pablo or something like that ...

So after 3DO, I took Michael out to dinner ... food, talk. Tried to explain to Michael how it is Rick's fault that Rick was in my dream last night, because it is just the weasely sort of thing he would do. I don't think my logic made sense to Michael.

Now I'm at my mom's house ... and I have to be up in 3 hours to go argue with my doctor about birth control. Oh, this should be a joy.

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