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Wild mood swings

I went from bitter and depressed to furiously angry last night in a matter of moments ... surprised even myself. I've been in such a bad mood, and it's a little scary. Like I'm waiting for something to set me off. I feel very on edge.

Worked last night, and it wasn't too bad ... there was a relief doctor, but it was Dr. Cain, I've worked with her before at Central and I like her. She's a cranky bitch, like me. I did my first unassisted gastric lavage last night, woo hoo for me. I did neglect to mention to the doctor that I've never done one before. I've seen it done so many times, I knew what I was doing. Yeah.

I need to figure out where the fuck I stand ... I don't want to change anything, but I have to know.

I miss having a closeness ... but good things don't come easy, and I should be a patient girl ... but I like having someone there when I need a someone there ... I really needed a someone there yesterday. I'm not doing wonderfully.

I watched the sun rise at work this morning and wanted to cry. time and time again, for sure ... it doesn't stop no matter how bad I need it to.

In happier bits, my radio in the car hasn't left 103.1 in a few days ... the station kicks ass ... great stuff to drive to. I'm trying to figure out how they are on the air ... no commercials ... most strange.

maybe things will be better when I wake up. or not.

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