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yes, fruit is tasty ...

you tend to do things upside down or backwards.
you're good at finding things in the dark, and
as bats are the only real flying mammals, you
are quite unique. You find yourself to be most
active or creative at night. You think fruit is
quite tasty.

Which spooky animal are you?
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I'm still bored at work.

and my teeth hurt. the same ones that tried to fall out a few years ago. (another one of my freak medical problems.) i'm a little worried.

There is one patient here. A cat that we determined by x-ray to have a b.b. lodged in its neck. And the cat is still the sweetest, most lovey, trusting little creature.
Every time i think humanity cannot be any ickier, i find something else that disgusts me. And i know a lot more people that deserve to be shot so much more than this poor kitty did.

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