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We're having a special on Great Danes ...

My little animal hospital had a two-bloat night last night.

Now, i know this may not mean a lot to anyone that reads this, so a brief explanation ... "bloat" aka gastric dialation volvulous or gastric torsion, is about the biggest, trickiest, most difficult thing we have to deal with, and it almost exclusively happens to large and very large dogs. Its treatment is almost always surgery. In fact surgery is really the only curative treatment, decompressing the stomach may work for a while but is just postponing the surgery. And the surgery is difficult, time-consuming, risky, and messy.

So we get a Dane in last night (and I'm picking up a theme here ... last sunday, we had another dane in, and it's not a breed we see often) and the owners were describing the symptoms to me ... distended abdomen, trying to vomit but unable to, discomfort. And alarm bells go off in my head ...

So the doctor sees them, we x-ray the dog and confirm the diagnosis (try getting a 150 lb dog to stay still on its back for x-rays sometime. it's real fun.) and I go over the estimate for surgery.

Seeing as how bloat is the biggest and most complicated thing we do, it is also just about the most expensive. About $2500. So the owners got through the sticker shock, and decided to go ahead and do the surgery.

Lucky for us, we had an extra tech on, a new girl that was training. so an extra hand was a big help, because I ended up tied up in surgery and Joe was taking care of phones and hospitalized patients.

Surgery goes well, and the dog recovered wonderfully and was standing up an hour after surgery. We see more patients, including an HBC cat, and I don't get out of there until close to 2am, an hour late.

Michael was sweet enough to take me out to dinner after work. I needed it ... i didn't get a chance to eat all day ... and i get cranky without food.

I got a message on my phone early this morning form Dr. Harris ... mostly about Tiffanie finally quitting in a very passive-aggressive manner ... but she mentioned, "oh, and another bloat came in this morning ... Joe and I were going crazy." Must have been all sorts of fun.

Today, i need to pack for the river, clean my house, and clean my car. Tomorrow morning, after work, we're off to the river!

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