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too much fun ...

... and i don't want to come home ...

we finally got the sea-doo working ... it's one of these, if you don't know what i'm talking about ...

That's not the exact same one i have, but not too far from it ... the one i have is a little older and more yellow ... anyway, it started up for me today, and we went upriver a bit to the island, actually out in the middle of the river and not in the murky backwater we lounged around yesterday. It only took me a few tries to get the trailer backed down the launch ramp ... not too bad for never having pulled a trailer before, much less backwards ...

so upriver, to this island of clear, fast water and few people. so, so nice. Took the sea-doo further upriver a bit and let Michael drive ... and he really seemed to have a lot of fun with it, and that makes me very happy. The water is really low this week, so driving it is tricky ... he catches on fast, though. didn't hit any sandbars or underwater trees.

I really needed this. The opportunity to lie in the water, eating strawberries and drinking beer and watching Michael have fun ... this bit of relaxation. I forget how restorative this place is to my sanity ...

michael said seeing this place explains a bit about me.

i wish i could share it with everybody. I have a feeling that would ruin it a bit, though.

Anyway, we stayed out on this island, no one there but us, until this kid, maybe 12 years old, pulls up to the shore having mechanical trouble with his sea-doo. The things seem a bit prone to breakage. So I tow him back to camp and we head in ... getting the thing out of the water seemed a bit easier than getting it in, but i think i got used to backing the trailer up.

I so want to stay longer. But it's not really an option ... Michael has to work tomorrow ... *pout*.

I've been playing with my video camera ... recording lots of things that mean little to anyone but me ... the ground ... spiders ... trees ... stuff i find important. Sorry Marge, no porn.

I think I'm going to go tape what I can see from the porch now.

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