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extra crispy kasey

I'm back in OC, and I want a bagel ...

that would involve moving, and i don't really want to do that ... i hurt my back putting stuff away at the river last night, and compounded it by napping on the floor, then sitting in the car for 4 hours, then sleeping on an old uncomfortable bed. So yeah, i'm feeling great this morning ...

that and the dry skin and the mosquito bites, and i'm all sorts of uncomfortable.

The drive home wasn't too bad ... found that no fast food place in Blythe is open late (!!!) so we ended up eating at the Denny's there, in odd company ... i tried to make friends with a stray cat in the parking lot ... a fast drive through empty desert ... Leonard Cohen on my stereo ... Michael listening to The Future over and over again, and me getting all misty to Hallelujah ... and we did make it back before dawn, as i promised Michael ...

I managed to get through the trip without getting sunburned ... yay ... i don't think michael did, either. Thank goodness for SPF 50 sunscreen. It's a little scary, with SPF 45 or 50 i still get a good tan. anything lighter and i end up crispy.

plan for today ... bagel ... wash car ... call Jamie ... eat at michael's work ... maybe TC, if i can find nothing better to do ... at some point pick up the paycheck that has been at the Garden Grove hospital for 3 weeks ... home tonight.

And i still don't have to work until tomorrow ...

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