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Just have some mercy on yourself and die!

I sleep sooooo well on Mondays.

Usual Sunday routine ... Home 9:30, crash out around 10:30, wake up at 3:30, stumble around for a while and back at work at 5, run around like crazy for a while then out at 1.

Spent 2 hours repeatedly doing CPR on a dog that kept trying to die. And the idiot owners kept wanting us to revive him. Finally we convinced them to let the dog go ... but damn, that was draining for all of us. Trying to keep the rest of the hospital running and treating our other patients, and dropping everything every few minutes to go revive the dog.

And after one, my night got better.

Someone left a box of pinkies of indeterminate species on our doorstep, so I brought them to TC so Lisa could have them for snake food. Michael, Andy, and Justin were there. Justin was in a better mood than i've seen him in a while.

Dammit, I'm trying to type, and my cat will not leave me alone. it's hard to type with a cat stepping on your hands.

Tom showed up, still drunk from the Iron Maiden show ... that i couldn't go to ... because I was doing CPR on a goddamned dog! Apparently several of my friends were there, including a girl with blue hair ... i'm trying to figure out which of my friends has blue hair right now. I'm thinking Heather.

After Andy left, Michael and I went and got some dinner, and then we went back to his house to see his Russian military uniform, which is quite cute. And then i drove home and crawled into my bed and stayed there for the next ten hours, and slept wonderfully until the cats started trying to stand on my head.

I can't wait until my work schedule goes back to normal ... i hate not knowing what my plans are even for the next two weeks ... I guess it all depends on if Rick comes to work there or not. I'd like one less shift and a little more stabilty.

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