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my house is a disaster

I made significant progress cleaning up this morning, but there is a lot of work still to be done. So many dishes ... But it's really not too bad, for the amout of people and alcohol that was in here ...

and I'm waiting ... I spend so much time waiting ... Michael is supposed to come up tonight, but I don't know what time he plans on doing that ... so I wait. I don't feel like talking to his answering machine, either, so nothing to be done.

Worked last night, and it was stressful and busy ... Dr. Harris called from Central at the beginning of my shift and said Kathy had okayed me working there ... so I have to go in wednesday and work out a schedule ... as soon as I confirm that I'm putting in my notice at Garden Grove. Dr. Croley is unhappy about that, but I can't do this anymore ...

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