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I am all sorts of efficient.

so yesterday ...

sleep little. wake up. try to call Jamie, to get her to cover my shift because I am not well, she never answers her phone. Talk to Justin for a bit. Get ready for work. Talk to Michael's answering machine for a bit. Go to work.

Work my ass off for 8 hours while sleepy, nauseous, and in pain.

Work one hour by myself because Joe showed up two hours late and I had told Christie to go home after she had been there for 13 hours.

Left work on time, went by Jill's party, and met up with Michael. Not many left by the time I go there, but it was a nice chance to remember why I don't like some people (if i were describing this verbally, the conversation would be accentuated by a sharp intake of air through my teeth with my arms pulled up towards my chest. And you would know what i am talking about.) Talked to Brett for a while. It's been a while since we have had a chance to hang out. He used to be my one-beer-drinking-buddy. Got swamped in movie conversation.

Wish I could have gotten there earlier, and seen some of the other people that came by, but work isn't an option. Next time ...

Left at about 2:30 and went to Dennys for the first meal of my day. Michael wasn't hungry, but he was nice enough to accompany me and eat my french fries. and throw things at me and mock the way i eat. but i would expect nothing less ...

So this is the tricky part ... I didn't want to sleep at home last night, because of the traffic that would be involved getting down here for work today. But I did need to get more clothes and feed the bird, and check on my kitties. The only plan of action I can see here is to drive to Moreno Valley and back that night. And I did. And it was a bitch. But there was no traffic, I made it back before dawn, and now i'll be able to actually go do stuff before work besides sit in traffic.

And Tuesday, I get to relax. Wednesday, I start school. I'm all nervous all over again ... I got an A once, I can do it again. Right.

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