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Free to do nothing

My day off.

I'm being damn lazy. I'm thinking about going to get food. I'm thinking about alcohol. I'd like to go have lunch with someone but it looks like all my daytime friends are tied up.

I have no spine, i agreed to work tomorrow night. I felt bad, because of the holiday, Joe had no days off, and he works two jobs. And he's working next monday for me so i don't have to work the night before i get on the plane. So it's fair ... it works out ... after this day off, i work every day until sunday morning ... fuck me.

Last night at work ... one of those nights of no good news. everything was bad. Lots of cancer last night. Emotionally draining, those nights are. I think i was behaving obnoxiously after i left work and went by tc. I'm not sure, though. I was just a bit stressed out after that shift.
One horrible case of owner neglect that i just don't feel like getting into the details of ... but basically, a 50 lb dog shouldn't have flea anemia. a $10 tube of Advantage would have saved your dog's life, assholes.
And a cat named Sunshine that had me singing "You Are My Sunshine" all night, mostly just to drive my co-workers crazy.

I finally got a whole night's sleep ... happy.

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