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My dog ran away with Cuddles the cat.

Quite true ... and I'm still laughing ...

Work was slammed last night ... lots of patients when I got there, more coming in all night. When it's slow, Flea hangs out with me. When it's busy, he usually makes himself scarce, hiding in the back or in a cage.

Another thing about Flea ... he's crate trained, and he loves being in a crate. He likes his car crate, he likes his home crate, he likes other animals' crates if he has the opportunity to get into one.

Which is how he got into this morning's mess.

Like I said ... we were slammed. I was up front, checking patients out, doing the money and paperwork deal. Dr. Harris was in the back, getting the patients ready to go. We had this kitty names Cuddles in the hospital last night. His owner came in, and Dr. Harris took her carrier into the back, set it on the floor, and got the cat ready to go while i did paperwork. Cuddles goes in his carrier to his owner's car and off to his regular vet's office. All seems normal.

Twenty minutes or so later, the phone rings. I was on the other line, so the doctor answers. From the front desk, I hear, "Oh gosh, that must be the tech's dog." She puts the caller on hold, comes up front, and tells me that it's Newport Harbor Animal Hospital on the phone, and they have my dog.

Apparently, Flea had snuck into Cuddles' carrier while it was on the ground. Dr. Harris loaded the cat in right in front of Flea, and the two of them made the trip together. No one noticed anything unusual until the owner got to the vet's office and removed the cat from the carrier ... and Flea came running out behind it.

I'm amazed that neither of them made a sound while in there together.

I hadn't noticed Flea was missing ... it isn't at all strange for him to hide at Central when it's busy. I just thought he was being quiet.

It was sooooo embarrassing to go to the other hospital after work and pick him up. "hi ... yeah ... you have my chihuahua?" watch the receptionists giggle at me ...

Retrospectively, though, it's damn funny ... i laughed all the way home. It seems very surreal ... maybe flea just wanted to take a trip?

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