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I've found my perfect gun ...

It's a Hello Kitty .45. I've found this picture of it ... now I just need to find out where I can get it. I swear, sanrio will license anything.

Anyway, this is going on my christmas list ...

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Occasionally you'll take a fashion risk, and it will pay off

You're up for flashing an inch or two of skin

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I way overslept today ... I was going to wake up at two, woke up at one, came downstairs and did some stuff, and decided to reward myself for getting up on time by taking a nap. Bad idea, really. And even with the air on, it's horrible hot up here, and I ended up sleeping with two cats on top of me and a chihuahua snuggled into my armpit. Not comfy. Not so uncomfortable as to wake me up, but uncomfortable enough to make me wake up all sweaty.

Really tired of working friday nights ... Hoped to get out on time last night, but this poor seizuring dog had to seizure right as I was about to leave, so that had to be handled and I didn't get out of there until 20 minutes afer one ... went to TC and talked to andy and justin for a bit. got to see Michael for a while ... he was supposed to come up last night, but his work scheduled a staff meeting for 9 am today. Curses upon them. Oh well, he's coming up later to spend Sunday with me, since we both have it off.

There's this kitten that hangs around my house now ... he's a stray, I'm pretty sure, because he won't let me get too close to him. He looks to be about 8 months old, and he's gorgeous. So handsome. He's black and white, not the tuxedo pattern but a quite random splotchy black and white, with one bright green eye and one crystal blue one. Anyone want a kitten? He's not neutered (as far as i can tell, from a bit of distance) so my plan is to get him comfortable with me and take him to the hospital to get neutered eventually. Even if I can't take him in (and I really can't ... shouldn't) I'd like to try and stop the production of more kittens.

Anyway, he hangs out in my backyard and talks to my cats through the window. I give him food when he's out there. Goyle really seems to like him.

Gotta clean litterboxes today ... ew. Then I'm gonna go see michael at his work, then I'm off to mine.

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