kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

Procrastination ... again.

Supposed to be leaving noonish for the hot rod reunion tomorrow, after I work a half day. Supposed to be packed and ready to go. I had some beer and threw a couple t-shirts and seven pairs of underwear into a bag.

It's a two day trip.

I'll have to revise my packing tomorrow. Did get dishes done and ... well, I got dishes done.

Charles is staying here this weekend to watch the animals. One of the benefits of keeping things positive. Next week, he's taking his cats, and I'm gonna miss them a whole lot. Even though I'm allergic to Squishyface and Bobby is just weird, they've been companions for years now. Just like Charles.

Can't wait to get out of here. Looking for more work to save more money. Bought ramen and potatoes at the store. I'll be fat in Nashville, it's ok. I'll be in Nashville.

When is nighttime going to be less lonely? When will I not drink myself to sleep?

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