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walking until my feet are worn to stubs

I'm having lots of fun walking around this city ... I'm usually not much of a walker, and really much more dependant on my car than I'd like to admit. Here I have no other mode of transportation but my feet (not being willing to figure out the N.O. bus system) so I've been walking everywhere. And there is so much to see while I walk ... the overwhelming, incredible architecture, and the small details of the area that I'd certainly miss in a car. Cobblestone sidewalks that like to catch my heels ...

I ditched out on the first two sessions this morning to go exploring ... Woke up, didn't feel like rushing to get to the first session, lagged around for a while, and decided to go out and find myself some breakfast. Found a little cafe and had a pecan waffle ... mmm ... pecans ... and I was going to go to the second session, but then I just started walking. Down to Bourbon Street, over to Canal, up to Decatur ... taking pictures of things like the silly tourist that I am.

Ran in to a friend of mine today at the conference, and we're supposed to go to the bars on Bourbon street tomorrow night. This could be dangerous.

Thanks to today's seminars, I now know how to place a urinary catheter in a ferret.

Dr. Harris snuck me into a veterinarian's luncheon today, and in exchange for sitting through a lecture about the biochemistry of pain (which maybe quite facsinating someday, but way over my head for now) I got a yummy free lunch and a little stuffed chocolate labrador. I felt so odd, though ... in this room, completely full of veterinarians, and me, in there by deceptive means, and so out of place ... I looked around, and as far as I could tell, I was the only one with a visible piercing.

i miss home ... people ... animals ... but i'm having fun, and learning much, and I'll be home soon enough ...

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