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in the rain ...

I'm home again ...

Michael picked me up from the airport last night and brought me home ... it was so wonderful to see him after being gone all week, and in transit almost all of yesterday.

My flight went well enough. Nothing extraordinary.

Yesterday morning, before I left New Orleans, I ditched lecture and went walking around the French Quarter one last time. I walked through the market, picked up a couple things, and stopped in front of St. Peter's to rest and smoke. The humidity was worse yesterday that it had been all week, and while I was sitting there, the sky exploded into water. The downpours of the desert thunderstorms are nothing compared to this ... all the tourists went running for the awnings, and I thought, fuck it and went walking down the middle of the street ... got myself soaked to the skin, and it was so fun.

Until I realized that the clothes I was wearing were the only clean clothes i had left to travel in.

So I had breakfast in a little cafe, and then sloshed my way back to the hotel room. And I'm in this luxury, high class hotel room in my pajamas, with my clothes hanging in the window, blow drying my converse dry.

I'm gonna take my roll of film in today to get developed ... I can't wait to see how it turns out ... i took lots of boring pictures of building and things ... stuff that is interesting to me ...

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