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it always sucks.

saying goodbye ... even though it will be hello again soon enough ... i always want more time ... my god, i'm in deep ...

i'm going to drop my english class. I'm in way over my head, and my teacher said at the beginning that if we worked even part time, we wouldn't be able to keep up. That has proved to be true. Though I should be well able to take a four unit class. Not only that, but I tested in to this level of English, and I tend to test much better than I actually am. I'm just really good with tests. And the test was mostly reading comprehension, another of my strong points. So I feel like I'm starting out further behind in the class than the rest of the students, as far as the mechanics of english. I'm just not catching on.

So I'm dropping for now, and I think I will keep my books and study and take it again in the spring (or winter, if possible), or, if I still don't think I'm mastering it, take a lover level english class.

I just downloaded the newest VAST album ... It's a really nifty program they have set up. Basically, they're trying to go around the record companies and release music themselves over the internet. $2.99 an album, which I think is more than reasonable. And in some of the interviews I've read, they do not discourage sharing (aka "piracy") of their music. They want it to be heard.

With this attitude from a band, I'm more than willing to pay for their music. Check it out here ... VAST

I was so sleepy until i got home ... and most unfortunately, now I cannot sleep.

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