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I'm extremely pissed off at one of my co-workers.

I'm working tomorrow night. I was supposed to actually catch up on sleep, and go see michael at night, but no, I'm working a swing shift. This would be a hell of a lot easier if I had known ahead of time. Even an hour before my shift last night would have been great. I could have grabbed clothes for tomorrow, crashed at my mom's, and had a 20 minute commute (and another hour or two of sleep) instead of the 90 minute one I will have because I had to come back to MoVal. She knew ahead of time. She didn't want to call me at home because she was afraid she would wake me up.

Sure, this is much more convenient.

I would say no, except I know everyone else already did, and I'm afraid she just won't show if she can't get someone to cover.

And if it was only that ...

Unfinished shift duties, a dead cat left in an exam room, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a few other things inspired a big angry note on the board and a memo.

I really love the girl. She's a friend. She's capable of being a really good worker, when she's in the mood to be. But when she's not, we all have to pick up her slack.

It's looking more like I'm going to have an authoritative position soon. I'm going to end up being the one who has to deal with this. Any suggestions? We have no disciplinary system in place at the moment. Occasionally people get "written up", and it really means absolutely nothing.

I shaved poor Oberon. He's naked from the shoulders back, except for his tail and his feet. It's quite amusing. I'll post a pic when he lets me near him again.

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