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Hiding at home today.

So thanks to Rick working nearly full time, my schedule is sooo much better now. I'm finally off Thursdays, which I've been trying to get off since i started working there. I now work Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday grave, and every other Friday swing. Not bad at all. School only Monday nights, wednesday, thursday, and sunday always off ... this is pretty nifty.

Last night I went to Alta to see Marge and Ben. I'm all happy I got to spend some time with them, I don't get to see Marge often, and it's been even longer since I've seen Ben. I really wish I knew how to cheer that boy up ...

After that, I went by work to get some paperwork done. I've been so busy there I haven't had time on my shifts to do my paperwork, so I wanted to go in when I wasn't on staff as a tech. Got the last week's worth of stuff done in two hours, I made Jamie help me. I am not going to let her live down working Tuesday's shift for her.

Christie and I got to talking, and we decided that since it was dead quiet there and she was clocking out early, we'd go get some drinks. I called Michael, he wanted to come along, and we went to Little Knight and watched people act drunk and stupid, and laughed at the hoochie outfits.

On the way home, the incident i mentioned previously ... someone who was not me threw a cigarette butt out the window, and it hit a highway patrol car ... generally a bad thing. So I get pulled over, and they made me play follow-the-moving-pen, and I was fine for it. So we were let go with the warning not to smoke in the car, and the advice to wash it. I know my car is dirty, dammit ... I don't need cops telling me that.

and that was pretty much my night, dropped everyone off and went home ...

today, i have goals ... cleaning being primary. Let's see how long i can stay here by myself without going stir-crazy and bailing for OC.

Oh, and i stole this from Nico ...

1. Nirvana- eh. i never really caught the "ohmygodnirvanaissogreat" thing that went around in high school. I mean, i guess they're good, but ...

2. Sublime-fun stuff. in moderated doses.

3. Depeche Mode- mmm ... good stuff.

4. Linkin Park- the angry backstreet boys?

5. No Doubt- not bad, but getting worse.

6. Rage Against the Machine- i got sick of it.

7. U2- can't stand them, really.

8. Green Day- if it's on the radio, i won't change it, but not something i'd pay for.

9. Beastie Boys- all sorts of fun.

10. Red Hot Chili Peppers- they used to not suck. the old stuff is nifty.

11. Blink-182- complete crap.

12. System of a Down- I really like them. Too bad they get overplayed to death on the radio.

13. The Smashing Pumpkins- the early stuff is beautiful. I've lost three copies of "Siamese Dream" *pout*.

14. Korn- *hacks up hairball*

15. Bob Marley - good background party type stuff. but parties where this is played usually involve too many people smoking pot.

16. Metallica- I usually hate them. But sometimes I don't hate them so much.

17. The Offspring- eh. Blech.

18. The Cure- who wouldn't love the cure? so great ....

19. Incubus- not for me.

20. Stone Temple Pilots- actually, i like them. Listened to them a lot in high chool / jr. high, and lots of associated memories.

21. Pearl Jam- really, it bores me.

22. Tool - apparently Tool is one of those bands that I'm supposed to like and no one can ever figure out why I don't ...

23. Radiohead - ugh.

24. 311- see #11.

25. Nine Inch Nails- well, they just rock my socks.

26. Weezer- dude, i have the poster up in my room.

27. Social Distortion- mike ness is an ass, but them are some damn good songs ...

28. The Smiths/Morrissey- never really caught my attention.

29. Jane's Addiction- has anyone else noticed how much the new stuff completely blows?

30. Oingo Boingo- LOVE Boingo. An amazing band.

31. Alice In Chains- not my style, so much. Listenable.

32. Limp Bizkit- oh please god no.

33. The Clash- love the clash.

34. Dave Matthews Band- It's like the grateful dead for preepy college students ... seriously ... i witnessed this phenomenon ... personally, i find them dull ...

35. Creed- did anyone else find the bus accident to be funny?

36. The Ramones- I can still remember where I was and what I was doing when I found out Joey was dead ... I love this band ... One of the first punk bands I (and everyone else) got into ...

37. Staind- whiney.

38. R.E.M.- good in moderated doses.

39. Bush- i discovered that I really, really, like this band. I'm not really sure why. I think it's the voice.

40. Bad Religion- one of my always favorites ...

41. Foo Fighters- great lyrics. good stuff.

42. New Order- gotta love the dancey 80's ...

43. Soundgarden- i really do like them. Superunknown was a great album.

44. Garbage- eh. sometimes.

45. Pennywise- crap, i think. In all their songs, i can usually hear other songs they've stolen ....

46. Violent Femmes- i sing along ... it's great ...

47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie- okay.... i like.

48. David Bowie- another person i'm just supposed to think is so great .... and yeah, it's ok, but i'm not worshipping at the altar of Bowie ...

49. Godsmack- pretty good stuff.

50. Duran Duran- silly. fun, but silly.

51. P.O.D.- see #11. Not just crap, but god crap.

52. Coldplay- dull and depressing and it all sounds the fucking same.

53. Beck- incredibly talented guy. Lost Cause can make me cry ...

54. Eminem- ok, i'll admit, i kinda like it. The man has real talent with words.

55. Deftones- took me quite a while to warm up to it, but i like.

56. Cypress Hill- annoys the hell out of me.

57. Oasis- eh.

58. Jimmy Eat World- surprised myself by really, really likeing them.

59. Tori Amos- see # 48. same scenario.

60. Moby- fun on the radio.

61. The Pixies- haven't heard enough to have an opinion.

62. Blondie- more silly 80's fun.

63. Live- I do like them. Intense vocals.

64. Hole- i liked them in jr. high. I'm over it. Violet does bring back lots of memories.

65. Rancid- don't tell anyone, I'll lose my punk points ... but they're not so bad.

66. Fatboy Slim- bland.

67. Siouxsie and the Banshees- super cool.

68. Marilyn Manson- like so many others, fun in small doses. The guy is incredibly talented, but his fans have ruined it for me.

69. Save Ferris - chick has a killer voice.

70. The Sex Pistols- i have no respect for them.

71. Disturbed- Crazy monkey! not bad.

72. Billy Idol- so everyone likes Billy Idol, right? Cuz ya know, he's great.

73. The Strokes- Part of a whole new crop of bands I can't stand.

74. The Police- Generally, I like them. But I hate the song Roxanne. Ask Michael why.

75. Primus- it's cool. Love the bass ...

76. The Go-Go's- cheesy. but pretty cool.

77. Everclear- oh god no please no.

78. Bjork- she's so cute! And she punched that photographer! and she sings all nifty-style!

79. Dramarama- Just one sone ... but it's one of my faves ... Cryss used to play it for me, back when ...

80. Prodigy- I always have to dance around to this ...

81. The Cult- eh.

82. Cake- weird, weird band. good stuff.

83. MxPx- see #11.

84. Third Eye Blind- see #11.

85. this number is missing... i guess?

86. Travis- no thanks.

87. Papa Roach- my friends came up with alternate lyrics to that one song that got all big ... it was more entertaining to me then the band really is ...

88. Devo- devo rocks.

89. A Perfect Circle- nope. Heard them on the radio, saw them live, didn't like 'em either way.

90. New Found Glory- see #11.

91. The Cranberries- her voice makes me want to stick knitting needles through my eardrums.

92. Lit- local crap.

93. The B-52's- i want to be the redhead.

94. Puddle of Mudd- annoying. dumb lyrics.

95. Blur- I like.

96. Unwritten Law- new punkish crap.

97. Pet Shop Boys - at times.

98. Hoobastank- hooobawful.

99. X- so cool!

100. Lenny Kravitz- ew.

101. Elvis Costello - loved his music before I ever knew it was him ...

102. The Replacements - dunno...

103. White Stripes- not my style, so much.

104. American Music Club- who...?

105. James- no clue ...

106. Liz Phair- heard some. It's ok. but not great to me.

107. Soul Coughing- they're nifty vool.

108. Tenacious D- so much silliness. but i'll admit they're fun. especially with beer.

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