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I got new Giger posters for my living room ...

well, i don't have them yet, but i will ... i should talk to my homeowners association about getting the sprinkler that soaks my doorway fixed before the UPS guy leaves them on my doorstep when I'm not here ... every night, the sprinklers go on, and one shoots a steady stream of water directly at my doorway, ensuring that my doormat stays soaked, i get soaked if i am coming home or leaving right then, and my locks are trying to rust. There is grass growing from my doormat. I do not like this.

as usual, i'm lagging ... i vaccumed ... sucked up ungodly amounts of cat hair ... my living room is truly small, and i filled the canister with hair just doing that section. Damned cats.

Patches and Goyle both took off last night, while i was moving stuff back and forth to the garage. Goyle came back pretty quick, but Patches stayed out for a few hours and scared the heck out of me. I searched the complex and didn't find her, but after a while she just showed up at my back door, meowing to be let in.

Oooh ... i should bring the camera down tonight, to get more pics for my walls ... and i should go by a goodwill, and look for picture frames ...

i should get in the shower, and make some progress towards leaving my house ...

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