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Not good enough for furniture

For my eleventh birthday, I got a desk. A big, heavy rolltop desk. I used this desk for years. When I moved out, I had to leave the desk there. It was too big to move easily, and honestly, too nice a piece of furniture for any apartment of mine. My brother needs a desk for school anyway, and he moves into my old room.

I have a house now. A fairly nice house. I take care of it as best I can. My brother has a beautiful new desk. My desk has been moved into the spare room.

I as my mother if I can take my desk since Brad isn't using it anymore. Response? "No. I don't think you'll take care of it."

I want to cry. Nothing I ever do is good enough for my family. They don't trust me with furniture. I don't have a desk to do homework on, but I'm not good enough to take the one that is mine.

Work was hell last night. New doctor, semi-incompetent. Not a bad doctor with just a couple patients, but the guy can't handle being busy. To be an emergency room vet, you have to have amazing multi-tasking skills. He doesn't. And he won't learn how to do estimates, so techs are doing them, with varying degrees of success. I was looking at the estimate for a surgical patient last night, while the doctor was halfway through the surgery ... we had quoted for all the meds, anesthesia, surgical pack fees ... but not for the surgery itself. Which would run about $500 - $700 dollars. Two people should have caught this. The tech who made up the estimate should have realized that the total price was far too low for a surgical case. The tech who went over the estimate with the owners should have seen that there was no quote for surgery! Argh ... I work with incompetents.

I called in sick tonight. I hate doing that. But I really can't breathe. The clients don't like it when I'm up front hacking. No one will cover my shift for me, but they should be okay without me. Hopefully. I'm going to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning.

Went by TC last night, for just a little bit. Saw Michael, which was nice. I didn't expect him to show up because of his work schedule. Steph and Norm, Andy and Kelly, a few others were there. I'll be back there tonight, I'm sure.

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