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Well rested, if nothing else

So I took a pill last night and slept for 12 hours ... hopefully catching up on weeks of sleep dep ... and i do feel better this morning afternoon. Sometimes sleeping through life makes me feel better about living it ...

So, I'm off to see Michael in a little bit, at his work ... then I have to go by my mom's and pick stuff up ... then after 9:30 I'm taking Michael to dinner and a movie (wow. almost kinda like a date). I think I want to see Matchstick Men, mostly because I think Nicolas Cage is so cool.

Amazing to me that anyone, that he will put up with my moods .. talk to me for hours on the phone when I have nothing to say because all I can do is be sad ... and he'll make me laugh and feel better ... it's great ...

My mom has agreed to help me out with this $1000 payment that my homeowners association is demanding from me ... i could have done it myself, but it would have been tight ... what she doesn't realize is that she's really allowing me to pay for my new tattoo ...

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