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So it was a little more innocent than it sounded ...

but my wrists did ache from the duct tape ...

Worked last night, but I hate being there on Fridays and I left at 11:30ish. I kinda feel bad leaving early, but there was nothing going on, the hospital was clean, the patients were stable, and I wanted a drink.

So I left, and Michael took me to Little Knight ... I am so entertained watching the drunks there ... got my foot stepped on (twice!) by drunk bitches in high heels ... Michael left me alone for one minute, and my look of death kept away all but the very drunkest, who had to tell me how "reahly, reahly, beauuuutifhul" i was.

And then back to Michael's house, watched a movie, and had a strange little bit of combat involving duct tape ... i do believe i lost ... or maybe i won, who knows ..

I always stay out way too late. No matter what time I leave, it's still an hour to get home, then it takes me an hour to get to bed, and I end up awake until morning ....

Gotta clean the house (Michael will be up here tonight, gotta make it look halfway decent) and then I'm going to work ... hopefully traffic won't be so bad ... i sat on the freeway for two hours yesterday ...

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